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Well maintained fleet

Backbone of our fleet is Tecnam 2008 and Piper Cherokee 140. Our airplanes are under CAMO and eligible both for PPL/LAPL trainig and for EASA hour building. Tecnam 2008 and Piper are both well recognized and easy to handle airplanes. For more experienced pilots we offer Cessna T206H.


Everything included

Crucial amenities are provided so You might enjoy pure flying! Insurance, headphones, maps, SkyDemon, fuel and fuel card, life jackets, checklists and electronic reservation system. Planes are regulary cleaned and looked after.


Individual approach and 24/7 Support

You can rely on us. We are happy to assist You with getting around Poland and our airports. We will help You with findind tailored stay, commute and we will find a way to fulfil most rigious time requirements from our customers.

Our Pilot Training Courses

No matter if You put Your first steps into aviation or want to build hours for Your CPL license - we are here for You.

time2fly hour building

Plane rental

Check our offer of airplanes available for Your timebuilding

time2fly PPL(A)

Private pilot license PPL(A)

Your first step into commercial aviation


Light aircraft pilot license - LAPL(A)

For recreational pilots

time2fly night flying

NVFR traning

Get Your night rating to fly after sunset

What say our customers?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can select between two options. Privte Pilot Licence (PPL) that will open Your doors also for commercial flying or Light Airplane Pilot Licence (LAPL) that will get license for recreational flying. We will get You through the whole process - just contact us and start flying!

To rent airplane You need valid PPL(A) or LAPL(A) license and medical 2nd class. Before handing our airplane we will fly together with You. As soon as You will be able to make 3 goods landing in a row we can hand out plane to You.

We will recommend You best hotels around or on the aiport and assist You with getting around: buying train tickets, renting a car or scooter.

Yes. Two airbases are just one hour of flying apart from each other so we frequently travel between those two airports. You can pick one that suits You best and we will get plane there for You.

We have experience with customers who are travelling to Poland just to build hours and we understand their needs. If You reserve two weeks to fly 40 hours You will be on safe side. As we offer two airplanes You will not be holded up by maintenance.

Price covers fuel and insurance. On board of airplane You could also expect headphones, VFR maps and up to date navigation.

Yes. We offer experienced crew - instructors and airline pilots. We guarantee high avaibility of safety pilot - pricing is individually discussed with pilot.

We offer online reservation system that will give You both other bookings preview and management of Yours.

Each package is valid for one year. After that we will update remaning hours with recent prices.

Of course You could take airplane for a weekend. It's required to have a package bought and than it's upon invidivial agreement based on current occupation of airplane.

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